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The Fabulous Wedding

Andrea and Julie came at just the right time! They were great in helping us organise, plan and carry out the things we had to do in order for our wedding to run smoothly. Their organisational and hands-on approach is highly recommended! Our wedding was fabulous because they were involved!

Jackie Onay, Croydon, South London 


Our Fairy Tale WeddingWeddings wedding-443600_1280

Our wedding day was magical. It felt like a fairy tale wedding. It was truly amazing. We always thank God for giving us the perfect weather that day and for our dear Pristine events manager who travelled over 5000 miles to support us and help out. She managed to turn an average event into a perfect day. She arrived a week before the wedding date and took charge of the situation; from sourcing and advising, to suggesting and reminding. She also managed to coordinate and lead the existing team who naturally took to her genuine spirit.

In the end, we managed to get the wedding of our dreams and we can’t thank Julie enough.

Laura and Peter, Kampala, Uganda


Our Grand Wedding in West Africa

My wedding took place in Ghana, West Africa which is where my husband comes from; and I had asked Pristine to assist with the planning and preparation in the UK and to come with me to complete the work in Ghana.

Prior to the big day, there was a lot of planning to do and Pristine was involved every step of the way. The events manager was there to ensure every box was ticked. The first thing she did was write up a to-do list which she emailed me. That way we were able to keep an eye on progress.

We did as much as we could in the UK before we travelled to Ghana. On arrival in Ghana, the event coordinator’s hands on approach really came alive. She was very good at keeping everyone informed and on time. During the church rehearsal, she made sure everything had been taken care of. When we got to Ghana I found out that fresh flowers were very scarce. She stepped in and sourced them, made the bouquets for the bridesmaids and myself which was totally amazing as I would not have known where to start.

I was so happy on my wedding day as a result of all the help and support I received from Pristine. I really couldn’t have done it without her. In summary, I would say the events coordinators are very organised, pays attention to detail and know how to stay calm in stressful situations. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an events planner. You can simply relax knowing that it will all be taken care of.

Mrs Sylvia Debrah, Headington, Oxford


Our Tropical Wedding

I have had the opportunity to work with Andrea in the planning and preparation of my wedding and hen party. Andrea organised the hen party from start to finish and, may I say it was an extraordinary day. I was fully amazed by all the activities that were organised for us for the whole day. Andrea is a very organised and professional planner and she makes sure that everything is done to perfection.
Andrea came with me to Jamaica for the wedding and having her there was a big release because there were still a few things that needed to be organised. Andrea was able to identify all the things we needed to do to make my big day breath taking. I would personally get Andrea to plan any event I’m doing because I know I can expect a great event and everyone will truly enjoy themselves. From me and my husband, we truly want to share our thanks and gratitude.

Sharlene and Brian, Oval, London  




A 50th Birthday To Remember

birthday-163362_1280As I was turning 50 I wanted to celebrate in style. I had and was still going through treatment for cancer, so this celebration was special in many ways.

It all started with a conversation, with one of the events managers at Pristine; who immediately sprang into action to start the ball rolling in the organising of my special thanks giving day.

With a book in hand and lots of questions, we began. She helped to organise the finances, the food, the musician, and assisted with coming up with a theme which moved us onto decoration. She helped kept me focused on all I had to do. There was a constant reminder of companies I had to pay and by when tasks needed to be completed. At no time did I feel left out or not in control. I was kept abreast with all that was going on.

Although my finances were limited, the team found people who were willing to help for less money. The energy the events manager put into keeping on top of everything was amazing. I had a sense that everything was done with love and care.

In surmising, this was an absolutely splendid day. Having discussed with Pristine what all this meant to me due to my illness, in times like this a person just wants to know they are loved and cared for and I can assure you I serenely felt that the events manager carried out all my wishes up and above my expectations and the day was so well planned; I could not have prayed for anything more.

Mrs Linda Barnes-Brae, Anerley, South London


Here’s To My 21st birthday

I had plans to celebrate my 21st birthday and the theme was going to be a black and white party. But the problem was I didn’t know how to begin with planning so I asked Pristine for their assistance as I knew they had a lot of experience with managing and planning events. The events manager helped me with the structure/ programme and layout of the place to put my vision into work which was fantastic. Her input in the planning ranged from the guest list to organising the menu to even ensuring things ran smoothly on the day, I would definitely request Pristine’s assistance when planning an event in the near future!

Caroline Kalema, Wood Green, North London


The Surprise Birthday Party of a Lifetime

I am a Co-Pastor at Liberty Christian Fellowship I have always known Pristine to have extremely efficient administrators and events managers. I have experienced past events organised by them. They have managed teams and led our youth group retreats and I can confirm that they are very able managers and leaders.

Recently I had the challenge of preparing a surprise birthday party for my husband who is the Senior Pastor of Liberty Christian Fellowship. Naturally the first company to come to mind to help organise this was Pristine. I approached them with a fairly blank sheet and in the first meeting they quickly helped us to focus. They pointed out things that would need to be addressed immediately to set us on course, like a theme to direct the night and suggested activities for the programme. Later Pristine was instrumental in the planning meeting and the attention to detail ensured that all matters were addressed. Prior to the event Pristine organised a programme for the night to ensure proper management of time. On the day, before the event, Pristine arranged a team and co-ordinated the whole event, organising all the teams and ensured the event went smoothly.

The event coordinator’s efficiency is balanced by a wonderful sense of humour and excellent people skills which enable her to deal with even the most challenging situations and people. I highly recommend Pristine as very able administrators, managers and coordinators.

Grace Serwanga, Liberty Christian Fellowship Camberwell, South London



A Very Youthful RetreatRetreats garden-550991_1280

Every year an events manager from Pristine assists us in organising a retreat for young people. The retreats are done every year, where we attend different venues year by year; because the groups get bigger and bigger each year. The retreat lasts seven days but a large quantity of planning occurs before the week away. The events manager, who takes on the head coordinator role, attends the retreat for the full week.  On this occasion, the head coordinator who came with us was an amazing individual and I had the opportunity to work alongside her during a youth retreat in the summer of 2011. She and I were co-coordinators of a large group of people, but with her help it was more than achievable to have a successful week. This particular retreat had a total of around 60 youth and 15 adults. The youth age group ranged from 13-21 years old and with the group we travelled to Scotland for this retreat. Due to the type of attendees the role requires a lot of skills, patience and determination to remember what is at hand.

The organisational skills were outstanding. In my experience of working with the head coordinator, she was always focused on her tasks and not willing to let anything get in her way until she had completed them. Her communication skills were really impressive and she kept everything in order Never have I come across a situation that she faced where she had no idea what to do. She was spontaneous and never panicked under pressure. I have known the head coordinator for a long time and her leadership skills are incredible; she is able to lead anything or anyone and even improves with years at the skills she has already attained. She would do anything to help anyone achieve their goals whether it is one person or an organisation.

Peter Youth Leader, Liberty Christian Fellowship, Camberwell, South London



Corporate and Conference Events meeting-505982_1280Audit Conference

As Director of Audit, I wanted to hold an annual conference for the entire team of some 50 staff. This full day event was an opportunity to provide staff with relevant training, a divisional update and undertake some team building.  In 2011, one of events coordinators from Pristine was solely responsible for organising this event.

Although we had used the venue previously, she negotiated with them to provide the facilities and catering we required on a smaller budget than in previous years and ensured that we had everything we needed for the day.

The day was divided into two main sessions, the morning taken up with speakers, some of whom were external to the organisation.  The events coordinator liaised effectively with all the speakers ensuring that they were all aware of what was expected, when they were required and that they had all the equipment needed to deliver their topic effectively.  The afternoon was devoted to a team building exercise and, although she wasn’t directly involved in developing the theme, the events coordinator undertook all the admin required – reproducing team instructions, allocating the teams so that there was an appropriate mix and time keeping during the event.

Overall, the conference was a huge success with positive feedback from the participants; and I felt that I was always kept informed of progress at regular intervals during the planning phase and she managed delivery on the day in a seamless manner.

Helen England, Parkhill, Sudbury Hill, North West London


Networking event

The People I Can Trust Networking event ice-sculpture-427775_1280

I have worked with Julie for 3 years and in those years she has arranged several events for me. Her understanding of the events is immense. She is always keen to know the reason for the event and desired outcomes.  This allows her to manage the event so that the desired targets are met, budgets are well monitored and also understands what is important and what can be changed to meet expectations and budgets.

She has arranged a staff conference and sales events for me which have been a huge success. She has a keen eye for details and is keen to make everything just perfect to give each event its own wow factor.

Strongly recommend her to anyone planning a big event from conferences to weddings.

Jaspreet Grewal, Head of Business Operations, The Lighthouse Company, London


Baby shower

baby shower tea-556777_1280My Love For Tea Parties

I requested for Pristine to organise my baby shower back in March 2012. I was pretty laid back in my approach as I had heard of how good the team was in putting events together. So all I requested was for a tea party theme, and I wanted it to be fun and relaxed nothing formal. So I gave them the guest list, which contained 50 invitees, and a budget and left them to it, the rest was all a surprise!

I must say, it was the best tea party I ever attended. It ran very smoothly, and I didn’t have to stress or worry about anything which was such a bonus as I was heavily pregnant All I had to do was show up and eat as much as I liked!

They coordinated everything from liaising with the venue facilities manager, catering, the DJ, the guests, the decorator and they even packed my car with all my presents.

I would absolutely recommend Pristine to anyone who is in need of an events coordinator. They are excellent communicators, very accommodating and highly competent. I would love to work with them again in the near future, hopefully for my next baby shower!

Sahar, Kilburn, North West London


Christmas Party

The Company’s First Christmas PartyChristmas Parties lamps-541851_1280

As it was our first Company Christmas party I wanted to celebrate the hard work that our staff had been committed to carrying out over the past couple of years. But I had very little time to organise anything, so called on Pristine’s services. I gave them a budget, told them what I wanted to achieve and gave them dates.

Sure enough they came back with an event that was beyond my expectations. They found the venue, organised the music, food, drinks and the programme which incorporated my desired award ceremony.

From beginning to the end they ensured that our event was well taken care of. They coordinated and liaised with all relevant individuals ensuring that everyone was on the same page. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by me and my staff, and I would not hesitate to request for Pristine’s skills in the future.

Director at Vavaki Architect, Weybridge, Surrey



Pristine’s planning and execution of a client’s baby shower was detailed and professional. Not only did Mother to be and guests have fun, they enjoyed well organised activities, top quality food and were surrounded by a superbly efficient team. KidRoyal Decor thoroughly enjoyed working with Pristine Events and will definitely recommend this company to our peers.

Director at KidRoyal Décor, South London



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