Why Use Event Coordinators

Why Use Event Coordinators

Wouldn’t you rather have a relaxing stroll around your event on the day, instead of having to supervise the set up and clean up, because you keep hearing “that’s not the way we usually do it”?!

Wouldn’t you rather every call you receive in the weeks before your event be for happier less stressful matters such as excited friends and relatives wishing you good luck, instead of musicians or decorators asking to be sent directions.

Even the best-laid plans need to be managed – so why not relax and enjoy the day, by having professional and experienced coordinators check every detail and make sure everything goes to plan.

Pristine Events Management Consultants will meet with the main contacts 4-6 weeks (this can be negotiated) before the day to discuss all the details. We take time to understand exactly what you want the event to be like in terms of timings and all the details that will personalise your event.

We then make contact with all the suppliers involved, making sure they all know what to do & when, and dealing with all their last minute questions. This ensures that Pristine Events Management Consultants’ coordinators are then perfectly placed to be the main point of contact for everyone involved in the event.

This leaves you and your guests free to concentrate solely on enjoying every single moment, with the confidence that comes from knowing that experienced and professional coordinators, who know exactly what you want to achieve, are in control of proceedings.

Pristine Events Management Consultants understand that all events are unique and will need different things from our coordinators. We will strive to ensure that you achieve your dream event. We at Pristine Events Management Consultants work with you to discuss what your needs are so that we can tailor your cost package, so please get in touch to discuss costs


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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