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Start Planning

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Starting to plan an event can be a daunting task – turning dreams into reality is never easy! So, Pristine Events Management Consultants have devised a way for people to get the confidence that comes from getting your event off to a flying start.


We have experienced and professional events planners that can assist you in planning your event from scratch or can come in and assist you to coordinate your special day. Our events planners have not been limited to just organising one type of event. In fact they have been exposed to numerous types of events from large grand weddings to a small intimate dinner. Because of this vast portfolio, we can give you the inside track on tips & advice for events – setting your priorities, helping you with ideas and assisting you with budgeting, pointing out the potential drawbacks.


Pristine Events Management Consultants understands that you probably don’t know if you’re going to need an events planner yet – but this doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from our experience. That’s why we want to organise a consultation session for you to discuss your event. The one to two hour session will be focused on your unique requirements and plans. There will be no obligation to go further with us if you are not happy with what we can provide. However, we feel that by the end of the session we can guarantee you’ll have the confidence that comes from having your event planned by us.


Depending on the event some individuals like to make it simple. For weddings, couples prefer to make it just the two of them. Some individuals, who are organising a hen weekend invite some girlfriends; so why not make it a Girls Night In for the bride-to-be and invite a few friends, maybe the bridesmaids or Mum? We often find that having friends there makes for a great atmosphere, and really helps bring out unique and personal ideas for the event.


By asking you to complete a short questionnaire at least 2 weeks before the meeting, our planners will be able to show you ideas that are specific to you and your celebration. The main event planning topics will be covered and, most importantly, we aim to ensure that you feel comfortable enough to ask anything you want.


What you can expect from Pristine Events Management Consultants:

  • We come and meet you, at a time that suits you
  • An hour spent with a professional and experienced events planner
  • At least an hour pre-session preparation by Pristine Events Management Consultants
  • Cover the different packages available
  • Detailed follow up sent to you
  • No hard sell – if you don’t use Pristine Events Management Consultants for anything else because you feel confident enough to plan your event, we’ll be happy we’ve done our job well!
  • Pristine Events Management Consultants are delighted to offer consultation services in the evening or at weekends as well as during the week – everything we do is about being flexible and fitting in with you and your busy life.


Please note appointments are subject to availability


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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