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About Us

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Pristine Events Management Consultants (otherwise known as Pristine EMC) was established by Andrea Bowen and Julie Ayebale. They have been organising events around the world since 2006. Creativity and attention to detail, combined with alleviation of stresses of events planning is what we specialise in. Our team of dedicated planners are committed to ensuring that every moment of your event is one to be remembered.


Pristine EMC began after a conversation between the two partners who, having organised a number of events over a few years for free, realised that they had a talent, a keen eye for detail and a knack for executing plans with military precision.


We found that a number of our friends and friends of friends, begun to ask us to organise celebrations for them. So over a period of six years we found ourselves organising weddings, concerts, baby showers, community events, birthdays, retreats and surprise getaways. These events led us to work in different countries, and face different cultures, climates and pressures.  It had been challenging but after some time we developed speed and agility, we created relationships with suppliers which meant our custom was welcome and we were more likely to get a discount. In the six years we had been organisers we hadn’t much thought about running it as a business until one of us (Julie) was released from her middle management job role. This became the perfect opportunity to start the ball rolling.


We at Pristine Events Management Consultants believe that each event is a valuable opportunity to form memories and we take great pleasure in being able to be a part of the team that works with people to create these times. We take pride in our work as we see it as an extension of ourselves and we would hope that our friendly and supportive personalities coupled with our professional attitudes will make us the perfect choice for your event management needs.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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